TERRA AQUA‘s dermocosmetic line, AQUAPHANE anti hair loss, is the first project of the company being developed based on the unique qualities of PERSENA spring water from RHODOPA mountain in Bulgaria.


About the spring

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the EU (and in the world), which are very rich in terms of mineral, spring and thermal waters. Spring water Persena, which is chosen as a main ingredient in our product line, is rich in minerals and microelements. The balanced composition of the water makes it perfect for the usage in cosmetic products. The spring from which the water originates is located in Luchitsa, Rhodopa Mountain – very close to the small picturesque village of Orehovo. The water is suitable for daily consumption as well and it does not undergo any type of chemical processing. The defining traits of Persena water is it’s crystal clearnes and it’s sweetness, softness and lightness.

Since the spring is located under one of Rhodopa‘s biggest peaks (Persenk 2080 m.), the water is named after the last priestess from the Thracian sanctuary, preserved well in our days on top of Cherven (Pangei) peak, which resides next to the spring. The legends say that Persena was worshipped by thracians, romans and greeks, who offered gifts to the sanctuary, seeking her advice. The holy place was abandoned in the first years of the first millennium A.D., but the myths and legends about Persena continued on to live for many centuries to come.

Haberlea Rhodopensis – have you heard about this rare flower?

Another interesting detail regarding the spring is the rocky flower Haberlea Rhodopensis, or Orpheus‘s flower. The plant is typical only for the Rhodopes and it is considered to be approximately 17 million years old, surviving three ice ages. One of the abilities that made this plant so adaptive and able to survive rough climate conditions is it’s regeneration ability – once small amounts of water are sprinkled over it’s dead leaves,the plant vitalizes. Ancient egyptians also point out that Orpheus created his ambrosia drink using this flower. This beautiful purple flower, connected with the immortality in the ancient ages, grows freely over the rock where Persena water springs up…

The water comes out from the spring in a constant and never changing composition. Analyzes point out, that the amount of heavy metals are in times, lower than the EU norms and there is no trace of radioactivity. It’s total mineralization is 389 mg/l. The temperature of the water is 9 degrees. According to the Bulgarian legislation Persena water is considered spring water.


    • Sodium – 1 mg/l
    • Potassium – 2 mg/l
    • Calcium – 89 mg/l
    • Iron – 0.003 mg/l
    • Copper – 0.003 mg/l
    • Zinc – 0.001 mg/l
    • Meta-silicic acid – 5.2 mg/l

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